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What to Do Once Admitted

Welcome to IIT! Here are a few "next steps" to help you become familiar with IIT.

IIT Websites

The answers to many of your questions can be found on the following web sites. Please take a look.

Office of the Registrar

Graduate College



Student E-mail Policy

All official e-mail correspondence will be sent to your IIT email address.

This IIT e-mail address is assigned to all students at the time of admission. To view your IIT e-mail account and receive forwarding or activation instructions, please log into your myIIT account and click on check email.


We have had a new system installed for student registration and you are now required to register for classes onlinevia myIIT. Please visit the Registrar's Office for help with registration.


The list of required textbooks will be posted at the beginning of each semester on the Required Course Materials Page. If you do not see your class listed, please contact the instructor.

Exam Proctors

Since Internet classes generally necessitate proctored exams, you are required, with the help of Chuck Scott of IIT Online, to select a proctor and establish a site where you will be able to take the exam. These sites can include a local public library, community college testing center, or even the HR department at your place of work. If you are unsure if your class requires proctored exams, please contact your instructor directly. Chuck Scott can be reached by email at or by phone 312-567-5217.

Tuition Payment

You should receive your tuition bill within 10-14 days of registering for classes. For detailed information on tuition and fees plus information on payment methods and payment plans, please visit the Bursars Office.

Student ID

All registered part-time and full-time distance learning students should be able to receive an ID card by mail. If interested in getting an IIT ID, please email with the following information:


First Name

Last Name

Address including street number and name

City, state, and zip code

Phone Number or a number where you can be reached

e-mail Address

Class Location: Internet or IITV location

A brief description as to why an ID is of value or benefit to you. HawkCard will take this information to determine if you need a photo or non-photo ID and they will contact you if there are any additional questions.

Please contact them via email or phone (312.567.8968) if you have any other questions.

Immunization Requirement

In accordance with Illinois law, all students born on or after January 1, 1957, and enrolling at Illinois Institute of Technology for the first time after July 1, 1989, must supply documented evidence of vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella and mumps. Students taking their classes via the Internet can file a written request for exemption. Questions regarding the immunization policy should be directed to:


Student Health Center

10 W. 35th (IIT Tower)
Suite 3D9-1
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone 312.808.7100


Please note: In addition to the information provided above, we strongly advise you to review the academic policies section of the Graduate College Bulletin or the Undergraduate College Bulletin, depending on your status.