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Faculty Research Spotlight

The Nuclear Option

Though nuclear power remains a contentious subject, often linked by the public with disasters like Chernobyl and weapons proliferation, the world's growing consumption of energy and increasing awareness of the environmental pitfalls of fossil fuel use are prompting a fresh examination. IIT's Jeff Terry and Carlo Segre are looking into the possibilities of nuclear energy. Read more >

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

IIT Assistant Professor of Physics David Gidalevitz is using a new approach to study bacterial antibiotic resistance. "These are definitely not tools used by a majority of biologists," Gidalevitz notes. Read more >

IIT CS Researchers Receive Nearly $1.4M in NSF Grants

Three IIT computer scientists have recently been awarded major grants totaling $1,383,835 from the National Science Foundation, for work to be done in networks, simulation, and high-end computing:

  • Professor Peng-Jun Wan received $300,000 for his project "Multicommodity Flows in Multihop Wireless Networks."
  • Professor Zhiling Lan received $345,835 for her project "Toward Petascale Cosmological Simulation."
  • Professor Xian-He Sun received $738,000 for his project "A Dynamic Application-Specific I/O Architecture for High-End Computing."