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Bachelor of Science in Biology / Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics

Why should a biologist know about physics and chemistry? Or physicists and chemists about biology? Just ask some of our faculty who are using x-ray synchrotron radiation science to study proteins, their molecular structures, and the drugs that interact with them. This research may lead to the development of more successful, potent drugs.

Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB) is an interdisciplinary major, combining biology, chemistry, and physics with innovative experimental techniques.

By studying MBB, you'll discover the essential building blocks of life, how they fit together, how they work, and the physical methods for exploring these building blocks. With its quantitative emphasis and research focus, MBB is a great way to prepare for careers in medicine or medical research.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

BIOL 100 Introduction to the Profession 2 Credits
BIOL 107 General Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 109 General Biology Laboratory 1 Credit
BIOL 115 Human Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 117 Human Biology Laboratory 1 Credit
BIOL 210 Microbiology 3 Credits
BIOL 214 Genetics 3 Credits
BIOL 225 Microbiology Laboratory 2 Credits
BIOL 320 Biological Literature 2 Credits
BIOL 401 Introductory Biochemistry 3 Credits
BIOL 402 Metabolic Biochemistry 3 Credits
BIOL 404 Biochemistry Laboratory 3 Credits
BIOL 430 Animal Physiology 3 Credits
BIOL 445 Cell Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 446 Cell Biology Laboratory 3 Credits
BIOL 495 Biology Colloquium (2 Semesters) 2 Credits
CHEM 124 Principles of Chemistry I 4 Credits
CHEM 125 Principles of Chemistry II 4 Credits
CHEM 237 Organic Chemistry I 4 Credits
CHEM 239 Organic Chemistry II 3 Credits
CHEM 247* Analytical Chemistry 3 Credits
CHEM 343 Physical Chemistry I 3 Credits
CHEM 344** Physical Chemistry II 4 Credits
PHYS 123 General Physics I 4 Credits
PHYS 221 General Physics II 4 Credits
PHYS 223 General Physics III 4 Credits
PHYS 240*** Computational Science 3 Credits
PHYS 300* Instrumentation Lab 4 Credits
PHYS 348** Modern Physics 3 Credits
PHYS 410 Molecular Biophysics 3 Credits
MATH 151 Calculus I 5 Credits
MATH 152 Calculus II 5 Credits
MATH 251 Multivariate and Vector Calculus 4 Credits
MATH 252*** Introduction to Differential Equations 4 Credits
MATH 474 Probability and Statistics 3 Credits
General Education    
IPRO 497 Interprofessional Project (2 Semesters) 6 Credits
CS 105 Intro to Computer Programming I 2 Credits
  Humanities and Social Science 21 Credits
  Total Hours 128-130

*Students must complete either CHEM 247 or PHYS 300
**Students must complete either CHEM 344 or PHYS 348
***Students must complete either PHYS 240 or MATH 252