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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Most of the challenges facing society require an understanding of both biology and chemistry. We offer the biochemistry degree program as a way of preparing students to attain that understanding.

Students in the biochemistry degree program take a challenging array of lecture and discussion classes as well as laboratory courses. The program provides substantial flexibility, so students and their academic advisors can tailor the program to the students' particular needs. The program provides a thorough preparation for students headed for careers as clinicians or as researchers. Many biochemistry majors will participate actively in research during the school year or during the summer.

So whether you plan to go to medical school, work in a pharmaceutical firm, or pursue a Ph.D. in molecular biology, the biochemistry degree offers a solid preparation.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

BIOL 100 Introduction to the Profession 2 Credits
BIOL 107 General Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 109 General Biology Laboratory 1 Credit
BIOL 115 Human Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 117 Experimental Biology Laboratory 1 Credit
BIOL 210 Microbiology 3 Credits
BIOL 214 Genetics 3 Credits
BIOL 401 Introductory Biochemistry 3 Credits
BIOL 402 Metabolic Biochemistry 3 Credits
BIOL 404 Biochemistry Laboratory 3 Credits
BIOL 445 Cell Biology 3 Credits
BIOL 446 Cell Biology Laboratory 3 Credits
BIOL 495 Biology Colloquium 1 Credit
CHEM 124 Principles of Chemistry I 4 Credits
CHEM 125 Principles of Chemistry II 4 Credits
CHEM 237 Organic Chemistry I 4 Credits
CHEM 239 Organic Chemistry II 3 Credits
CHEM 240 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2 Credits
CHEM 247 Analytical Chemistry 3 Credits
CHEM 343 Physical Chemistry I 3 Credits
CHEM 344 Physical Chemistry II 3 Credits
CHEM 485 Chemistry Colloquium 1 Credit
PHYS 123 General Physics I 4 Credits
PHYS 221 General Physics II 4 Credits
MATH 151 Calculus I 5 Credits
MATH 152 Calculus II 5 Credits
MATH 251 Multivariate and Vector Calculus 4 Credits
BME 433 Biostatistics 3 Credits
General Education    
IPRO 497 Interprofessional Project (2 Semesters) 6 Credits
CS 105 Intro to Computer Programming I 2 Credits
  Humanities and Social Science 21 Credits
  Technical Electives 14/16 Credits

Total Credits


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