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Honors Pharmacy Program: 5 Compelling Reasons

1. Attain Entry Into a Growing Career Field via an Excellent Academic Program 
The Honors Pharmacy Dual Admission Program with IIT and the Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) provides a strong academic foundation for one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States. Students enroll the first two years at IIT and are guaranteed admission into the four-year CCP program, located at Midwestern University in suburban Downers Grove, IL. Students are given excellent training for a career in pharmacy, which is projected to have numerous jobs with competitive salaries for the foreseeable future.

2. Guaranteed Admission to Pharmacy School 
Students enrolled in the program at IIT for their first two years are guaranteed admission into the highly competitive, four-year program at CCP. Accepted students avoid the costly pharmacy school application process and are not required to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) or sit through screening interviews. Admission is guaranteed if you maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 through your first year of your pre-pharmacy studies and, earn a minimum “C” grade in all required courses, and complete prepharmacy coursework in a two-year period. As long as you meet and maintain the eligibility standards, your seat is reserved!

3. Faculty Committed to an Individualized Approach to Education 
At IIT and CCP, the faculty will be your teachers, mentors, lab instructors, and advisors outside class time. Small class sizes and individualized attention are the norm at IIT. At CCP, small groups are created your first day on campus to ensure you feel comfortable and part of the Midwestern University family. CCP does not use graduate students or teaching assistants to deliver lectures, run workshops, or laboratories. Instead, you will develop relationships with the same faculty who deliver lectures, create exams, assist you outside of class, and determine your final grades.

4. Specialized Approach to Education and Training 
At CCP and Midwestern University, professional healthcare education is the primary focus. You'll benefit from learning side-by-side with medical students and students from many other health disciplines who are all “tomorrow's health care team...learning together today.” We focus on developing practicing pharmacists who have excellent teamwork and communication skills. Upon graduation, our students can readily assume positions in an interdisciplinary healthcare environment.

5. IIT 's and CCP's Locations Offers Professional Advantages 
By enrolling in the Honors Pharmacy Program at IIT, you can take advantage of the best of both worlds for geographic location. IIT is located in the heart of Chicago, and Midwestern University is ideally situated 25 miles west of Chicago in a comfortable suburban location that is easily accessible to the downtown area. We have state-of-the-art facilities, choices for living on campus, and a student-centered environment. The academic environment is enriched by the presence of seven medical schools, 18 teaching hospitals, hundreds of clinics, and more than 90 hospitals and medical centers.