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Honors Law

Every year, more than 50,000 students nationwide plan to attend law school, but only a small percentage of those students conscientiously select an undergraduate course of study that will help them in law school and beyond.

An undergraduate degree from a technological university such as IIT can be advantageous for a future lawyer. IIT is one of only a few institutes of technology with a law school, and the only one to offer top high school students the opportunity to apply for undergraduate and law school admission simultaneously.

A student accepted into the Dual Admission - Law (B.S./J.D.) program is guaranteed admission to IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law if the student meets certain criteria (see requirements here).

The Pre-Law undergraduate studies focus on exploring law through such courses as Contemporary Constitutional Issues, Philosophy of Free Speech, and Law in American Society.

This is a 3+3 program (1 more year if the student is in an engineering major) and students must complete their undergraduate studies in 3 years to remain eligible for the program.

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