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Special Programs

  • Distance Education
    Through IIT Online, Illinois Institute of Technology offers distance learning students a wide array of programs and courses from almost every college, center, and institute at the university.
  • Honors Law
    Every year, more than 50,000 students nationwide plan to attend law school, but only a small percentage of those students conscientiously select an undergraduate course of study that will help them in law school and beyond. An undergraduate degree from a technological university such as IIT can be advantageous for a future lawyer. IIT is one of only a few institutes of technology with a law school, and the only one to offer top high school students the opportunity to apply for undergraduate and law school admission simultaneously.
  • Honors Pharmacy
  • Interprofessional Projects (IPROs)
    Teamwork, innovation, and complex problem-solving skills make successful professionals—and reflect the overall performance of their organizations. Since 1995, the IPRO team project course at IIT has been teaching students how to excel in the workplace by providing them the practical tools that can make a difference in their professional and personal lives.
  • PreMedicine
    Rapidly advancing technology is changing the practice of every profession today. Rarely does that take on the life and death significance it does in medicine. Effective use of technology in medicine saves lives. IIT's premedical and combined medical school programs are designed to meet the need for technologically proficient physicians and medical researchers.
  • Study Abroad