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Master of Science in Biology with Specialization in Applied Life Sciences

Advance in your biology career without leaving your job. Earn your master’s degree online, part-time from Illinois Tech in Chicago, the Midwest’s premiere science and technology institute.

This program is designed for people with a bachelor’s degree who are employed in the life sciences and want to advance in their career. It also is appropriate for people who have completed their undergraduate degree and want to do higher-level study in the life sciences.

Key benefits:

  • You can obtain a comprehensive, non-thesis master’s degree – online, and part-time.
  • You have a choice of electives in a wide range of areas, such as toxicology, genomics, virology, bioinformatics.
  • Illinois Tech is a major research institution with a long history of educating biology master’s degree students.

The global life sciences industry has grown because of the aging population, increase in diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes, and other factors. It is an exciting time to be in biology, with opportunity for people who want to be on the front lines of new drug discovery, technological innovation, and other advances, and make a difference in peoples' lives.

With Illinois Tech’s Master of Science in Biology with Specialization in Applied Life Sciences program, you will:

  • Obtain graduate-level training in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and other areas determined by your needs.
  • Build your ability to design and execute experiments.
  • Build your ability to analyze data.
  • Build your ability to lead teams.

Program Requirements 

The Master of Science in Biology with specialization in Applied Life Sciences requires 32 credit hours to complete, with 18 hours of required courses and the remainder elective courses. Applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. The following minimum GRE scores are required:

  • 305 (quantitative + verbal), 2.5 (analytical writing) with a minimum GPA waiver.
Course number Course title Credit hours
BIOL 504 Biochemistry 3
BIOL 515 Molecular Biology 3
BIOL 524 Science and the Law 2
BIOL 544 Molecular Biology of Cells 3
BIOL 581 Biology Capstone Project (a.k.a. Biology Team Project) 3
BIOL 595 Biology Colloquium 1
CHEM 513 Statistics for Analytical Chemists 3
Total   18
ELECTIVE COURSES (minimum 14 credit hours)
BIOL 503 Virology 3
BIOL 512 Advanced Biochemistry 3
BIOL 514 Toxicology 3
BIOL 518 Understanding ICH Quality Guidelines 3
BIOL 526 Developmental Biology 3
BIOL 527 Immunology & Immunochemistry 3
BIOL 542 Advanced Microbiology 3
BIOL 550 Bioinformatics 3
BIOL 555 Macromolecular Structure 3
BIOL 562 Current Topics in Functional Genomics 3
CHEM 519 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) 3
SCI 511 Project Management 3
SCI 522 Public Engagement for Scientists 3
Selected 400-level BIOL courses up to 9
Minimum Total    14