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Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

The M.S. degree program provides a broad background in the fundamentals of the advanced mathematics that is applied to solve problems in the other fields. The goal is to prepare students for careers in industry and for the doctoral program.



Admission normally requires a bachelor's degree in mathematics or applied mathematics. Candidates whose degree is in another field (for example, computer science, physics, or engineering) and whose background in mathematics is strong are also eligible for admission and are encouraged to apply. Students must remove deficiencies in essential undergraduate courses that are prerequisites for the degree program, in addition to fulfilling all other degree requirements. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 is usually required. Applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination scores. At least two letters of recommendation are required. The following minimum GRE scores are required:

  • 304 (quantitative + verbal) 2.5 (analytical writing), test scores before 2011: 1100 (quantitative + verbal)

A TOEFL score of 550/213/80 (paper/computer/internet test score) is required if an applicant is from a non-English speaking country.

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Program Requirements 


All IIT Graduate School requirements must be satisfied. Specific departmental requirements are:

  • 32 credit hours
  • Core Courses. Students must take
    • MATH 500 (Applied Analysis I),
    • MATH 577 (Computational Mathematics I), and one of the following:
    • MATH 540, 553, or 563 (Probability, Discrete Applied Mathematics I or Mathematical Statistics)
    Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in core courses.
  • Elective Courses. The remaining courses in each student's program are selected in consultation with, and approval of, the Director of Graduate Studies. The program may include at most three courses at the 400-level and at most two courses outside the department.
  • The comprehensive examination requirement is fulfilled by either (i) a Masters thesis (5 to 8 credit hours of MATH 591) under the supervision of a faculty member, or by (ii) passing two Qualifying Exams at the M.S. level. There are five qualifying exams, based on the five core courses indicated above. The exams will be offered twice every year, one in the Fall (October or November) and the other in Spring (March or April).
  • The colloquium/seminar course MATH 593 (must take it at least twice with satisfactory grade).

Students are responsible for following all departmental procedures as well as the general requirements of the Graduate College.

The director of graduate studies serves as temporary academic adviser for all newly admitted graduate students until an appropriate faculty member is selected as the adviser.

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