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Master of Computer Science with a Specialization in Finance


33 credit hours

The Master of Computer Science with a Specialization in Finance is designed to enable Computer Science students to further their technical education while opening a path toward a career in finance.

Courses for the MCS/Finance degree program are taken from the Computer Science Department and the Department of Finance in the IIT Stuart School of Business (SSB). In addition to satisfying General MCS Degree Requirements (GPA, core courses, ...), the program of study must include 24 credit hours of CS/CSP courses and the following 3 MSF courses (9 credit hours):

  • MSF 504 Valuation and Portfolio Management
  • MSF 505 Futures, Options and OTC Derivatives
  • MSF 506 Financial Statement Analysis

Of the 24 credit hours of CS/CSP courses, at least 20 must be at the 500-level; the remainder must be at the 400- or 500-level. Only the MSF courses can come from outside CS/CSP. (Since 6 MSF credit hours are treated as transfer courses, no other transfer credits are available.)

Students with limited backgrounds in computer science will need courses beyond the required minimum. Depending on the student, these may include prerequisite courses (which do not count toward the program of study) and/or various 400-level courses (which generally do).

Admission to the Master of Computer Science program is sufficient for choosing the Finance Specialization. Stuart Graduate Tuition rates will apply to the MSF courses. Students choosing the Finance Specialization must satisfy prerequisite requirements either with prior coursework or equivalent courses in Computer Science or Finance.

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Last modified 3/28/2012