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Analytical Spectroscopy Certificate

In this program, students will learn theories of spectroscopic transitions and their applications in structural elucidations and quantitative analysis. Topics include ultraviolet/visible, infrared, Raman and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, atomic and flame emission spectroscopy, chemiluminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, light scattering and refractometry.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

To earn a certificate, students must successfully complete at least 12 semester credit hours from the courses listed below, earning at "C" or higher in each course with a cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0 ("B" average). However, a certificate student who subsequently applies to and is admitted to a master's degree program at IIT will only be allowed to apply approved coursework in which he/she has earned a "B" grade or higher to the master's degree program.

CHEM 505 Spectroscopic Methods I
CHEM 512 Spectroscopic Methods II


And two courses selected from the following list of electives:

CHEM 500 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 509 Physical Methods of Characterization
CHEM 513 Statistics for Analytical Chemists
CHEM 515 Gas Chromatography - Theory and Practice
CHEM 516 Liquid Chromatography - Theory and Practice
CHEM 542 Polymer Characterization and Analysis
CHEM 543 Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Sciences
CHEM 544 Colloids and Colloid Analysis

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