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Online Laboratory Manuals

Laboratory Manuals for some of our courses can now be found on the following web pages. All of the manuals are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). Departmental policy is that these documents can be viewed but not printed in the laboratory rooms so please print the manual beforehand.

  • Physics 123 - General Physics I: Mechanics
  • Physics 221 - General Physics II: Waves, Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics 223 - General Physics III: Optics, Thermal and Modern Physics

Past Ph.D. Qualifying/Master's Comprehensive Examinations

The Physics Department provides examples of recent Ph.D. Qualifying/Master's Comprehensive Examinations for graduate students to use in their preparation.

Physics Course Assessment

  • All Physics courses are expected to have a student assessment and faculty assessment at the end of the semester. The forms below are templates which can be used to complete this assessment for the department.
  • Embedded Assessment- Spreadsheet used for assessment of course objectives by faculty.
  • Student Assessment Summary- Spreadsheet used for summarizing results of end-of-year student assessment (handed out by department administration).

Physics Laboratory Safety Forms

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