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Thomas J. Phillips

Thomas J. Phillips, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Physics



Research & Accomplishments 

Spokesperson for the Antimatter Gravity Experiment


Antimatter gravity, experimental particle physics



Daniel M. Kaplan, Derrick Mancini, Thomas J. Phillips, Thomas J. Roberts, Jeffrey Terry, Richard Gustafson, Klaus Kirch "Measuring Antimatter Gravity with Muonium," arXiv:1308.0878 (2013).

J. Freeman, T. Junk, M. Kirby, Y. Oksuzian, T.J. Phillips, F.D. Snider, M. Trovato, J. Vizan, W. M. Yao Introduction to HOBIT, a b-Jet Identification Tagger at the CDF Experiment Optimized for Light Higgs Boson Searches, NIM A, 697 (2013), 64.

T. Aaltonen et al., Evidence for a particle produced in association with weak bosons and decaying to a bottom-antibottom quark pair in Higgs boson searches at the Tevatron, Phys. Rev. Lett., 109 (2012), 071804.

T.J. Phillips, "Measuring the gravitational acceleration of antimatter with an antihydrogen interferometer," Hyp. Int., 100, 163 (1996).