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Advisory Board

James E. Cowie*
Chair, Advisory Board
Managing Director
Frontenac Company

Andrea L. Berry (CS ’84)*
Senior Vice President, Broadcast Operations
Fox Entertainment

Rob Eckelmann
Board Chairman/Director, listed & private firms
Intel Corporation, Vice President (retired)

James R. Gagnard*
Former Chairman and CEO
SmartSignal Corporation

Gary T. Johnson
Chicago History Museum

Joel D. Krauss (MATH '71)*
Founder and Principal
Market Strategy Group

Michelle B. Larson
President and CEO
Adler Planetarium

Peter B. Littlewood
Argonne National Laboratory

Peter Morowski
Executive Vice President
CCC Information Services, Inc.

Anita M. Nagler (LAW '80)*
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Harris Alternatives L.L.C. (retired)

Alfred P. Sattelberger
Deputy Director
Argonne National Laboratory

Tim Stojka*
Chief Executive Officer
Fast Heat, Inc.

Kevin Willer*
Chicago Ventures

* Illinois Tech Trustee