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Former NRC Senior Executive Gives Guest Lecture to Health Physics Students

Carl PaperielloCarl Paperiello gave a guest lecture on “NRC: What It Is and Does – Personal Experiences” to health physics graduate students in the Standards, Statutes and Regulations class, a required course in the IIT Master of Health Physics Program. Paperiello is an independent nuclear consultant in radiation protection and nuclear regulation and licensing. He is a former Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) senior executive with extensive experience in fuel cycle and materials licensing, waste management and decommissioning, NRC inspection and enforcement, emergency preparedness, regulatory policy and international nuclear regulatory activities.

Previously, he was director of NRC's Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, director of NRC's Office of Nuclear Materials Safety and Safeguards, and deputy executive director for Materials, Research and State Programs. He has NRC regional experience, including as deputy regional administrator, region III (Chicago), experience in nuclear physics, environmental radiochemical analysis, and nuclear spectroscopy, and both worked on and led numerous inspection teams and task groups.

Paperiello earned his B.A. in physics from La Salle College and his Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Notre Dame University. He is certified in comprehensive health physics by the American Board of Health Physics and is a member of the American Physics Society, the American Academic of Health Physics, a fellow of the Health Physics Society, and a distinguished emeritus of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.