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International Teaching Opportunity

Ming-Dao High School
Taichung, Taiwan

Ming-Dao High School, established in 1969, a highly regarded private school in Taiwan is seeking science and language arts teachers. Ming-Dao is a junior high school (grade 7-9), senior high school (grade 10-12), and comprehensive high school (grade 10-12). There are 7,600 students and 560 teachers/staff on a beautiful campus.

Ming-Dao encompasses the forming of school culture on the campus, respecting individual uniqueness, and applying the multiple intelligence theory to the schools education. With this, Ming-Dao helps the students cultivate the long-term knowledge, academic skills, teamwork and relearning that is necessary for future.

Ming-Dao offers a generous salary and housing stipend for certified teachers.

For more information on teaching in Taichung, Taiwan contact Dr. Norman Lederman

Ming-Dao High School Overview

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