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About Mathematics and Science Education at IIT

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education (MSED) is dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This mission is achieved through teacher professional development primarily at the secondary and university levels and the completion of scholarly research in teaching and learning in the STEM fields.

MSED serves area science and mathematics teachers by providing professional development programs and a specially designed Leadership Cohort program leading to a Master of Science/Mathematics Education (MAS) degree.

The department is also engaged in innovative efforts to measurably improve collegiate STEM education at IIT. This involves the continuous professional development of faculty by creating mentoring opportunities for new faculty, workshops for underperforming faculty, and competitive fellowships for faculty development. Systematic quantitative and qualitative tools will be developed to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts. Consistent with these innovate efforts, the department strives to cultivate a diverse portfolio of grant and foundation support for educational activities and research.

MSED acknowledges the importance of engaging constituents outside of the IIT community by building partnerships with local museums, collaborating with public and private schools, and forming coalitions with community colleges and four-year colleges. In addition to these alliances, MSED seeks unique and innovative connections with other external constituents. The department also plans to facilitate the transition of high school students, particularly under prepared and underrepresented ones, to the rigors of collegiate study at IIT.

Through degree programs, innovative professional development activities, and scholarly research, MSED will continue to be recognized as an international leader in the development and application of forefront knowledge in secondary and collegiate mathematics, science, and engineering education.