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Information Retrieval Laboratory

Searching for data, and hence deriving information, from on-line database servers is quickly becoming a nightmare. In previous years, the difficulty of gathering data from which to derive information stemmed from the inability of the user to find and access appropriate data sources.

Today, we have too much data available on-line. The difficulty now is to find a relatively few truly relevant items from the vast number of identified sources. That is, we are faced with the task of locating a few relevant data trinkets from within a sea of available items, akin to the old adage of finding a needle in a haystack.

The data of today are electronically distributed and are represented in diverse formats. To efficiently process and extract information from these data requires distributed, efficient, portable, high-performance information processing engines. It is within this context that all of the projects described herein were developed.

Over the years, Professor Frieder's team has developed several information processing systems. Some of these systems are presently in use at the National Institutes of Health, NCR, and at Harris Corporation. Many papers describe these various information systems. A book and three US patent applications also focus on these same efforts.

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