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Data Science @ IIT

The IIT Department of Computer Science is the place to be involved in this exciting new sector of technology. We have a range of educational and research programs focused on data science, computer information systems, and data analytics. The aspiring data scientist will have the opportunity to learn from some of the top researchers in the field, as well as to gain important practical experience with affiliated technology companies in the Chicago area.

A new interdisciplinary Professional Master of Data Science degree offered by the Department of Computer Science in conjunction with the Department of Applied Mathematics is the first of its kind in Chicago. The program provides students with a broad, rigorous, and relevant curriculum in applied mathematics and computer science, together with a practical grounding in business principles, teamwork, and communication skills.

The IIT Master of Data Science (MAS DS) is designed for students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, science, engineering, or business who want to delve deeply into data to help make sense of the world.

Unlike many data analytics and business intelligence degree programs, IIT’s MAS DS program focuses on acquiring deep theoretical knowledge and understanding of the assumptions made by machine learning methods; object-oriented programming skills; understanding of scientific problems and processes; and skill in facilitating effective communication with scientific collaborators. Students will have the opportunity to work on real data science projects through a required practicum.

Applications are now open for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 classes.

The Department of Computer Science also offers computer science degrees that include a specialization in data science:

In addition to its degree programs, IIT has a number of laboratories in which faculty and students work together on cutting-edge research in data science, including: