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Graduate Certificates

The graduate certificate program offers students opportunities to learn specialized areas of Computer Science. Working CS professionals can increase their knowledge and skills, and students new to computer science can study without committing to an entire degree program. Distance students can complete a certificate without visiting campus, through IIT Online, using on-demand Internet and live interactive TV. (Course content and credit for online and live classes are the same.)

A student who completes a certificate and then applies for and is admitted to a Master's program in CS may apply course credits from the certificate to the Master's degree. All courses for a certificate must be taken at IIT — courses from other universities cannot be transferred.

For information on applying for admission to a graduate certificate program, see Graduate Admission. Students with bachelor's degrees not in computer science may be required to take CS 201 and CS 401 to remedy deficiencies in their CS background: These courses supply the programming experience and knowledge of data structures required for further study. Potential applicants with questions about their background should contact a department advisor to discuss their possible needs.

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