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Computational Decision Science and Operations Research Program Requirements

The MS degree will require 32 credits and must include at least 21 credits of 500 level courses from the list as specified in core and elective courses.

(i) At least one of:  
CS 430 Introduction to Algorithms
CS 535 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
(ii) One of:  
MATH 535 * Optimization I
CS 538 * Combinatorial Optimization
(iii) At least one of:  
MATH 481 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MATH 564 Applied Statistics
MATH 565 Monte Carlo Methods in Finance
(iv) At least one of:  
CS 539 Game Theory: Algorithms & Applications
MBA 505  Contemporary Economic Analysis & Game Theory
MATH 522 Mathematical Modeling
CS 583  Probabilistic Graphical Models
* MATH 535 and CS 538 cannot both be taken for credit.
Core Courses can also be used as electives if not used as core:
(i) Computing Sciences Sequence (at least 1 course required):
CS 425  Databases
CS 422  Data Mining
CS 520  Data Warehousing & Provenance
CS 522  Data Mining
CS 525 Databases
CS 529 Information Retrieval
CS 584 Machine Learning 
CS 595 Non-Linear Optimization
CS 597 ** Reading & Special Problems
(ii) Applied Math Sequence (at least 1 course required):
MATH 485 Intro to Math Finance
MATH 522 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 553 Discrete Applied Math I
MATH 554 Discrete Applied Math II
MATH 569 Statistical Learning
MATH 574 Bayesian Computational Statistics
MATH 597 ** Reading & Special Problems
(iii) Business & Application Sequence (at least 1 course required):
BUS 510 Building an Innovative & Sustainable Business
MBA 504 Spreadsheet Modeling
MBA 513 Operations & Technology Management
MBA 526 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
CAEE 581 Algorithms in Transportation
MSC 511 Economics I
MSC 514 Economics II
(iv) Optional Thesis (5 credits):
CS/MATH 591 Thesis
A thesis that explores a topic not covered by coursework or builds upon a project from summer internship would be encouraged. The thesis may be motivated by an industry problem or a research problem. Students may opt not to do the thesis.
** SPECIAL CONDITIONS: At most 5 credits of CS/MATH 597 overall.

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Program Director

Sanjiv Kapoor, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science
Stuart Building, Room 228B


Program Co-Director

Hemanshu Kaul, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Engineering 1 Building, Room 125C

For more information about Computational Decision Science and Operations Research, contact CDSOR at IIT.