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Small Major, Big Impact: Chemistry at IIT

We’re a small school. In fall 2017, we have fewer than 30 undergraduate chemistry students. So you can’t get lost in a crowd, and you will be known by the department. Yet students from our program go on to do big things—like lead an experimental group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, direct a new initiative on the environment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many more.

That’s because chemistry at IIT is challenging and relevant (see classes here), enabling you to compete with the best.

Like Ngozi, Kamil, Chris, Nick, and Ryan, you’ll be well prepared for your next step—whether graduate school, medical school, or the workplace.

  Return on investment 

IIT Chemistry Pathways

Information featured in the above interactive graphic about chemistry opportunities, salaries, and education is partially adapted from content developed by the American Chemical Society [src]

Why Chemistry at IIT?