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Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations

The Ph.D. qualifying exam is an oral examination based on a recent research paper selected by an exam committee. It will be administered in the fall and spring semesters, generally early November and April. Students may take the examination two times and must pass before the end of their fourth semester. It is recommended that the student take the examination in their second and (if necessary) their third semester. The students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the research paper, fundamental knowledge of the selected subject matter, and critical thinking and analysis skills to the committee of four faculty members during the oral exam. Continue reading »

Department of Chemistry Course Assessment

  • All Department of Chemistry courses are expected to have a student assessment and faculty assessment at the end of the semester. The forms below are templates which can be used to complete this assessment for the department.
  • Embedded Assessment- Spreadsheet used for assessment of course objectives by faculty.
  • Student Assessment Summary- Spreadsheet used for summarizing results of end-of-year student assessment (handed out by department administration).

Chemistry Laboratory Safety Forms

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