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Research with Faculty

Undergraduate Biology at Illinois Tech in Chicago

If you’re fascinated by biology, and want to dive in head first, you’ve come to the right place! At Illinois Tech, you will get to work with faculty on cutting-edge research projects that have a big impact on the world. Below is the list of some of the professors you will have the opportunity to work with. Click on their names to learn about their exciting research projects!

Tom Irving » Jialing Xiang » Jean-Francois Pombert » Nick Menhart » Oscar Juarez »

The biology faculty and staff are strongly committed to quality teaching and advising, as well as excellence in research. As a biology undergraduate, you will do research during the school year, and will also be provided an opportunity to extend that research into the summer. The College of Science provides several $5,000 College of Science Undergraduate Summer Research Stipends so that select college undergraduates can conduct research for 10 weeks during the summer. Some examples of past research biology students have done with these stipends are:

  • Jahna Soomer-James, along with Jean-Francois Pombert, assistant professor of biology, worked on a research project that focused on comparative genomics and potentially harmful bio-organisms, with an emphasis on determining key factors that are involved in the evolution of pathogenicity.
  • Pooja Agarwal and Ben Stark, professor of biology, examined how various contaminants such as sulfur are emitted into the environment, consequently producing numerous health risks. More »
  • Duhah Hamayel and Thomas Irving, professor of biology and physics and chair of biology, explored the effects of temperature gradients on muscle function in the dominant flight muscle of the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta, and study the similarities between the Manduca’s flight muscle and mammalian cardiac muscle.

You will also be encouraged to participate in a biology internship while at IIT. This way, you will be able to take what you are learning in the classroom, and apply it in a real-world setting.