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Workstations and Labs

Applied Math Computer Lab

The department maintains a computer lab available to all AM graduate students in Building E1, Room 214. Unix and Windows environments are both available, as is a wide variety of software packages.

Workstations and Software

Currently, our department provides the following workstations for students:

  1. Unix environment: and in computer lab Room 214 of E1
  2. Windows environment: 1 PC in E1 117, 1 PC in 214E1(the black Dell) and 1 PC in E1 105
  3. Beowolf Cluster


To apply for computer accounts on the Unix workstations, send request to The accounts on the unix workstations ('laplace' and 'birkhoff') are identical. If you want to change your password on the unix machines, please change it on 'laplace'. If you want to use one of PCs with Windows, you can request an account in the Applied Math Main Office, E-1 room 208 or send an email here


Besides some basic software available on the workstations, the following lists those software that are important:

  1. Microsoft Office, Mathematica, Maple and Matlab are installed on the PCs with Windows operating system.
  2. 'birkhoff', 'laplace' ( and 'menger') have Matlab and Maple installed. We have a 5-user concurrent license for Matlab. Therefore, make sure you exit Matlab after you finish using the software. To use Matlab, type 'matlab &' on any xterm window; to use Maple, type 'xmaple &' on any xterm window.
  3. The C, C++ and Fortran compilers on 'birkhoff' and 'laplace' are 'gcc', 'g++' and 'g77', respectively.
  4. TeX and LaTeX are installed on the Unix machines.
  5. Brief introductions to different programs

If you need additional software installed on the computers, please send your request to ctier_AT_iit_DOT_edu.

OTS Labs

IIT's Office of Technology Services (OTS) maintains several computer labs across campus, all of which have Maple installed on the computers. A complete list of programs available, as well as hours and locations, can be found here.