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Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Department of Applied Mathematics is pleased to provide a program to support graduate student travel to conferences, meetings or workshops. The Graduate Student Travel Awards provide a stipend to defray some of the travel expenses plus meeting registration fees to honor outstanding graduate students.

Awardees will be chosen on the basis of the scientific merit, needs for outreach activities, as well as nomination from their advisors/mentors.

To apply, please fill out the Travel Request form (available from Ms. Gladys Collins), submit a one- to two-page statement describing your research or research interest and its relationship to the conference, and attach the information about the conference theme (e.g., print-out from the conference web pages).

If you will present a paper in the conference, please also include an abstract of your paper. Please submit the completed application (the request form and the statement) to Ms. Gladys Collins for the coming year (June 1 to next May 31) before May 1 or as soon as you find out the worthwhile conference/workshop.

The awardees are required to submit a report (at least two pages) about the conference they have attended to your advisor.

Some conferences provide partial support for graduate students' travel and housing.
Look for this in the announcements, and see the conference website. To get funding, you may have to register early; also earlier is better since it gives you a better chance to get funding.