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Graduate Application FAQ

  • What are the deadlines for applications?

    Check this link (College of Science).

  • Can I join the graduate program in the Spring or Summer instead of the Fall?

    Yes, but it's not so common, so please contact the current graduate director if you wish to begin in the Spring or Summer. We usually offer assistantships in Fall.

  • Are there separate application forms for assistantships?

    No. The online application form for admission, the transcripts, GRE scores and the recommendation letters will be used for evaluating possible teaching or research assistantships (TAships and RAships).
    Online application for M.S., Ph.D., and Ph.D.CME
    Online application for MMF
    IIT Office of Financial Aid

  • What are your requirements for teaching or research assistantships? Is there any requirement for TWE and TSE? Do I have a chance to get an assistantship without taking the GRE Subject Test?

    A solid understanding of mathematics—for example, shown by high GPA scores in the undergraduate or graduate studies—and excellent research potential are considered to be the most important factors for awarding TAship and RAship. Though we do not require TSE or GRE Subject Test, these test scores will be a plus.

  • How does the department select teaching assistants?

    The selection of TA is conducted by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Applied Mathematics. Two of the important factors in selecting TAs are (1) the research potential at the Ph.D. level, from the recommendation letters and previous outcomes of research projects; and (2) the performance in previous and current course work, especially in the area of the student's intended Ph.D. research.

  • I am a senior undergraduate student and expecting a Bachelor degree by the end of the academic year. Can I apply for the Ph.D program in Applied Mathematics?

    Yes. We actually encourage applicants seeking an assistantship to apply for the Ph.D program.

  • I have my undergraduate education in the fields other than Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. Do I have a chance of being admitted and receiving scholarships in your program?

    If one has sufficiently strong background and aptitude in mathematics, as shown by their performance in upper division math courses, we will admit him or her if his or her application (including GRE, transcripts, recommendation letters, TOEFL etc.) satisfies our admission criterion. We also will give serious consideration in offering scholarships to applicants who have shown research potential in Applied Mathematics by, for example, having publications in which Mathematics plays a vital role or having Master degrees in the fields closely related to Applied Mathematics

  • Where shall I send my application package, the Graduate Admission office or the department? How do I check if my applicant package has been received? What is the university/institution code for sending official TOEFL and GRE scores to Illinois Institute of Technology?

    For the M.S., Ph.D., and Ph.D.CME programs, your application package should be sent to the Graduate Admission office. Applicants to the Master of Mathematical Finance program (a joint program between the Department of Applied Mathematics and IIT's Stuart School of Business) should apply [here] and send all supporting documents to the Stuart School of Business. You can contact Graduate Admission Office ( or call 312.567.3020) for checking if your application is complete. Most applicants fill out the forms online. The university code for sending ETS scores to IIT is 1318. No department code is needed.

  • Is the research field of a newly enrolled student decided by themselves or by the admission committee of your department?

    Decided by the students themselves.

  • Can the IELTS (or another test) be substituted for the TOEFL?

    This is decided on a case by case basis via the Graduate Admission Office ( or call 312.567.3020).

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