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We are the Department of Applied Mathematics.  We are the only mathematics department at IIT.  

What is Applied Mathematics?

"Applied mathematicians develop and utilize mathematically rigorous methods, modeling insight, and computational algorithms to solve real-world problems."
    —Fred J. Hickernell, Professor of Applied Mathematics at IIT

Learn more about Master of Mathematical FinanceBy "applied mathematicians" we mean not only our faculty, but our students as well. We encourage all of our students, both graduate and undergraduate, to take part in an applied mathematics-related research project or internship. We have a mix of faculty and students specializing in applied analysis, computational mathematics, discrete applied mathematics, and stochastics. The courses we offer cover these areas and attract both applied mathematicians and students from application areas. A few of the problems we solve are: the dispersal of pollutants in the environment, designing new materials, valuing an investment portfolio, and efficient routing of messages through the Internet.

Our department offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in Applied Mathematics, a Professional Master's degree, plus two interdisciplinary degrees: a Master of Mathematical Finance, offered with the Stuart School of Business, and a Master in Data Science, offered with the Computer Science Department. Attractions for students include:

  • personal attention and small class size,
  • a curriculum that combines courses in mathematics with those in application areas,
  • a weekly departmental colloquium, featuring experts from all over the world, and several research seminars, where students and faculty discuss their latest research,
  • the Math Club and SIAM Student Chapter, where students explore intriguing aspects of mathematics and participate in mathematics competitions.
  • the world-class city of Chicago.

To find out more details of what we are doing take a look at our web pages and feel free to contact our faculty and students. For those of you interested in joining us, you can apply online for both our undergraduate and graduate programs. Faculty openings are posted on our web site as well as on