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Mission and Vision Statements of the College of Science


To create and share mathematical, computational, and scientific knowledge, and to join with colleagues and partners in advancing new and innovative education, scholarship, research, and application.


IIT's College of Science will be a model of scholarship, discovery, invention and education

IIT's College of Science will be known:

  • For excellence and commitment in all our activities
  • For the preparation of our graduates for leadership by the broad and practical ways in which they can think, communicate, and engage with their world
  • For the special regard in which we hold our students and colleagues
  • For sharing our love of learning and creating an environment of hard work, excitement, and enjoyment, which emphasizes ethical behavior and mutual respect
  • For being a model of cooperation and collaboration in the education of all IIT’s students and in IIT’s collective endeavors
  • As the partner of choice for shared ventures with scientific, educational and cultural institutions in Chicago, the USA, and the world