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IIT College of Science offers challenging and rigorous programs in mathematics and the sciences to outstanding students with a thirst for knowledge who want to change the world.

In keeping with IIT's long-standing tradition of relevance, our science programs provide multiple pathways to the academic, professional, and entrepreneurial worlds.

Why study science? Science underpins everything. It allows us to venture into the unknown. Its discoveries lead to tomorrow’s technologies. It is challenging. Its problem-solving skills have wide application, making graduates valuable to diverse employers. It is fundamentally a global collaborative enterprise.

Why study science at IIT? Because it provides all the benefits of a small school, coupled with major research capacity and all the benefits of the city of Chicago.

You’re in good company in the College of Science.

At Illinois Tech, the College of Science feels like a small private school, but its research is major league. You’re in courses taught by more than 100 outstanding full-time faculty who are top scholars in their fields. That’s right. By faculty. Not by teaching assistants.

When you graduate, you’ll join a network of more than 10,000 alumni who work in business, government, and academic institutions all over the world.

How good is that?

Spend time with really smart people.

We have connections with world-famous labs including Argonne National Laboratory, partners such as Chicago Public Schools, and Chicago businesses. As a student, you’ll get access to networks of mentors, colleagues—and a lot of really influential people in your field.

Rigor and relevance.

These two words define the educational experience you will receive in the College of Science. Our programs are intellectually demanding and yet provide multiple pathways to the academic, professional, and entrepreneurial worlds. We will give you the tools to solve today’s problems and the knowledge to build the new tools for tomorrow’s problems.

Your degree has value.

Our graduates are hired by companies with names everyone recognizes: Microsoft, Google, Orbitz, Argonne, Baxter, the Chicago Board of Trade, and Chase. And if you want to go on to earn a graduate degree in your field, you’ll be glad to know that our students have been accepted into prestigious programs from Oxford to Princeton.

Conduct research that matters

In the College of Science, you can work on research with internationally known faculty. You can intern at world-renowned laboratories. Or conduct your own research. Illinois Tech undergraduates can do research at Chicago’s famous Argonne and Fermilab national laboratories. That’s right. Undergraduates. Now that’s something special.

Personalized. That’s what education should be.
At Illinois Tech, one size never fits all.