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Rogachev and Collaborators Predict Existence of “Impossible” Molecules
Illinois Institute of Technology Assistant Chemistry Professor Andrey Rogachev and his collaborators have predicted... read more
IIT Biologists Determine the Molecular Mechanisms of Enzyme Action in Cholera and Related Diseases
Illinois Institute of Technology biologists have described the operation at the molecular level of a key enzyme associated with... read more
Researchers Solve Mystery of How AkT "Moves" from Cytosol to Cell Membrane
Chicago – July 29, 2015 -  Jialing Xiang, professor of biology at Illinois Institute of Technology, and her collaborators... read more
IIT Computer Science Pioneer Robert B.K. Dewar Passes Away
Robert B.K. Dewar, a pioneer in computer science at IIT, passed away on June 30. Dewar taught information science and computer... read more
AMAT Professor and Chair Hickernell Speaks at Statistics Conference
Fred J. Hickernell, chair and professor of applied mathematics, presented an invited talk, “Guaranteed Fixed-Width Confidence... read more


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